Jeannetta Collier is the Founder and CEO of Imaginary Glass Ceiling LLC, NuBlac’ Investment LLC and Jeannetta Collier Enterprises Inc. This go-getter boss lady credits having a mentor, early in her career, set her on a successful track. She wanted to help women navigate through corporate policies from the mailroom to the C-suites and, if interested, start their own entrepreneur journey. She has facilitated numerous start-ups and helped businesses grow to new heights all through a “shift of the mindset” and some proven business strategies. Jeannetta believes that the “glass ceiling” you see is truly in your mind and that we can do and be anything we set our minds to.

A little over twenty years ago, Jeannetta was diagnosed with a life-threatening disease and told she only had 6 months to live. The life that Collier had greatly cherished could easily have vanished, but she was adamant about not changing the blueprint she had already mapped out for her life. But in doing this, she also knew that she had to dramatically change her mindset. Years later, she has so much to be thankful for and has come to fully appreciate the power of mindset.
Jeannetta’s incredible story of renewal is what led her on a mission to help others achieve new heights, and to personally and professionally step into their best life!

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A football coach’s daughter all her life, Jordan Gill knows a thing about
hard work and determination. With moving 12 times in her life, her natural instincts around logistics were destined from the beginning.
Jordan runs Systems Saved Me, a workflow template shop that helps
make streamlining your business simple through systems! She also runs Pimp Your Podcast, a podcast management agency for niche mission-based podcasters. Jordan created a business operations firm with an LLC, bank account, and email address. Not even an Instagram account. In that first month, she secured over $12,000 on a recurring basis.

That business operations firm has made 6 figures every year since its inception. Pimp Your Podcast was born in 2018 because Jordan’s expertise of being a podcast host became very well known. Her Systems Saved Me podcast has over 100,000 downloads.

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Tina Cummings is a true entrepreneur and boss. She is an award-winning fashion designer, published author, and mother of two. A busy schedule is not foreign to Tina as she is the owner and lead designer for Faith Diva, Executive Director for the Dallas Ft. Worth Association of Christian Designers, co-owner of Perimeter Zen, an upscale venue located in the heart of the Dallas Design District and she just founded Real Drama Media, a streaming network featured on Roku and FireTV. Tina graduated from American Military University with a bachelor’s in legal studies and she is currently pursuing her MBA.

Tina is no stranger to overcoming obstacles, from the untimely loss of her first husband, to navigating through family dynamics, and more
recently going through a divorce. She truly demonstrates that through loss and pain you can truly find joy because according to Tina, “God has
truly given me beauty for ashes.”

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Adriel Sims is the owner of The Fitness High LLC and Eats and Beats
Events. The Fitness High includes sports, high energy workouts and
nutrition. Eats and Beats is a fine dining and events company bringing
great food, decor, and music to any city and any venue!

Adriel’s circle of friends refer to her as “A.D.” which is short for “All
Day!” That’s right! According to Adriel, “I have energy for this thang
called life! Give me a Bible and I’ll read it, give me a skillet and I’m
going to cook in it, and being a Texas native – give me a gun and I can
lock and load it!”

Besides being a mother of four girls, Adriel has finessed the art of
“getting things done.” She is dedicated to bringing an authentic vibe
in everything she creates.

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A native of Dallas, LaKendra Smalley is the founder and CEO of the Global Institute for Coaches & Entrepreneurs Inc., a Texas-based training facility housing Certified Life Coaches from all over the world. This go-getter boss lady credits her success to having a mentor, early in her career, who set her on a successful track. LaKendra’s passion is to work with clients who see the need for change in mindset and are committed to getting “heart-centered” to live the life they want to lead.

The journey that led to her decision to take up a coaching career spawns from the inspiration she gets from her mother, who suffered from Clinical Depression, ADHD, and Bipolar Disorder. Growing up, she would follow her mother to the public library and watch her read self-help books to improve her quality of life. Realizing the amazing
impact these self-help books had on her mother, LaKendra became passionate about humanity, psychology and in dismantling trauma and lost hope to create a better and happier life for people. “It’s not how you finish, but when you finish. It’s the character you develop while in the race.” LaKendra’s strategic approach, has helped many
individuals, entrepreneurs, and businesses become the very best version of themselves.

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Chericia Curtis has worked in the field of technology for
most of her professional career with an emphasis in sales
and marketing. She currently works for a leading technology
company where she manages some of the world’s largest
global accounts.

In her spare time, Chericia and her husband run an
entertainment company, Broken Vessel Productions. The
company produces faith-based and family friendly content
for both film and stage. She has written and published over
10 scripts for both film and stage and will be touring her
award-winning Gospel Stage Play, “Soul Purpose” in fall
2021. She is excited about her new non-profit organization,
RiRi’s Playhouse, which caters to youth in under-served
communities, introducing them to the world of film and

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